EICR testing, also known as fixed wire testing and electrical landlod certificates, are an important requirement for compliance with various Health and Safety Executive regaultions.

It can ensure the installtion is safe to use and protect against electrical fires and injury.

It is also required by insurance companies and most landlords.


Most commercial and industrial premises require a full test between every 3-5 years, with some requiring a full test every 12 months eg. swimming pools, caravan parks and cinemas.


EICR's are often missed leaving business' liable. We can keep on top of this for you with reminders of when you are due, and offer out of hours service to minimise disruption

Portable appliance testing or PAT testing, is a simple way to comply with various Health and Safety Executive regaultions, and to protect your staff and clients from potentially hazardous damaged euipment.


It is important your business keeps on top of this and has a record to prove it.


PAT testing should be carried out at yearly intervals, and we can remind you when you are due each year.

We can also carry out work out of hours so as not to interfere with the daily operation of your business.

Emergency lighting tests are mandatory, and maintaining evidence of this is very important in any business premises. 


Every 12 months the full system must be tested by simulating power failure, and checking every emergency light operates correctly and for a period of time on battery back up.


Every month (sometimes more) the system should be checked for operation breifly and recorded in a log book.


We can take care of both of these items for you with a maintanance contract, or just remind you each year when your test is due, ensuring your paperwork is all kept in order.



Fire alarm testing and maintenance is extremely important and the most scrutinized by insurers, the fire brigade, local councils and more.


Basic systems generally require a full maintenance and test every year, but some systems, such as wireless systems, require much more frequent maintenance.


A weekly test should also be carried out, normally by a designated person in your business.


All tests and maintenance should be recorded and certificated.


We can offer maintenance plans, all neccessary certification, and full peace of mind.




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